opportunities for participation

System Deployment locked

Anticipated Needs for Future Deployment


The system has two principal Issuers at this time:

Pecunix will also become an Issuer in the future, using gold stored in its successor PXGold system as a voucher backing asset.

If you wish to become an Issuer, post in the Business Opportunities Forum so we can contact you privately.

Once the source has been published, there is of course still room for other legitimate value warehouses to deploy their own networks using whatever types of value they may store.

Server Operators: VPs, OFSen, SDSen, DHTs

These server types operate for a profit, paid in tokens redeemable for vouchers. Providers of server hosting and ISP services will be needed to supply hardware and bandwidth for these servers.

Beta Testers and End Users

And of course, we welcome users to test the robustness of the system and offer constructive feedback as to user interface design and usability. If you'd be interested in helping out here, please go to www.voucher-safe.com, get the client and set up a test safe on the @voucher-safe.org network, and then post your feedback and comments at the forum. You can also post there to request free test money.

Peer Reviewers

As with any open source project, we welcome code review and inspection by software developers. Help us make sure the system is as robust and secure as it can be!

Cooperative Development

Three action items are pending:
  1. Create a Voucher-Safe Client for the Android phone.
  2. Create a Voucer-Safe Client for jailbroken iPhones/iPads.
  3. Migrate the DHT plugin, and possibly the SDS plugin as well, to use Project Voldemort.

Want to create a voucher safe plugin for your favorite Jabber client? How about a Direct-X based client that will work inside Windows game programs, similar to Xfire? With open source, the possibilities are endless! Post your ideas in the forum, and tell your friends.

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