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The P2P Voucher Payment Project

Welcome to our community site. The goal of this site is to create a knowledge hub for everyone who is interested in this subject to participate and collaborate together.

If you are looking for an easy way to get started with the Voucher-Safe and don't wish to get involved with the very technical and developer stuff, please go to silentvault.com.

What is a Voucher?

A voucher is a digital representation of certain monetary value which may be spent for goods and services. A voucher is said to be "backed" by whatever underlies it, such as gold or silver. Digital vouchers are an encrypted representation of value, and constitute digital bearer certificates circulated and validated by a Voucher Publisher against value held at an Issuer.

So what is the P2P Voucher Payment System?

It is a mechanism for the secure, anonymous exchange of digital vouchers peer-to-peer between user wallets, implemented as an extension to XMPP (aka Jabber), an instant messaging service. Basically, you can pay anyone who has a voucher safe wallet.

Does this system actually exist?

Yes! It has been through an extensive beta test and is now live. Much more technical information is available inside this site. If you merely wish to use it as an end user, please see the banner link above.

It is open source?

Yes, the clients are open source and standards-based.

Want to dive right in?

Great! Our Java web app client is available here. (See the downloads directory for other revisions, and for the command line client, voucher-cli.jar.)

A third-party enhanced client which runs inside a full Jabber client and contains an embedded escrow asset exchange and other features is available from SilentVault.

OnionPay Web SCI (this site is now offline)

Are you an online merchant, and want to learn about accepting Voucher-Safe system payments on your website? Check out this site! If you would like to see how to integrate manually using the command line client, check out the manual here.

We hope you'll join us!

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